Where is the center of the L spine?

Where is the center of the spine?

The spine itself has three main segments: the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine. The cervical is the upper part of the spine, made up of seven vertebrae (bones). The thoracic is the center portion of the spine, consisting of 12 vertebrae. The lower portion of the spine is called the lumbar spine.

What is the center of the back called?

The lumbar spine makes up part of the lower back. The middle back consists of the spine (spinal column), spinal cord, nerves, discs, muscles, blood vessels, ligaments, and tendons.

What absorbs shock in the spine?

The intervertebral discs are soft structures which act as shock absorbers between each of the vertebrae (bones) in the spine. A single disc sits between each vertebra.

What is the middle of your back spine called?

The upper and middle back (called the thoracic spine) has: 12 vertebrae. These bones attach to your rib cage. They make up the longest part of your back.

What part of spine can you feel?

The thick parts of the vertebrae forming the sides of the spinal canal are called pedicles. The thick bone comprising the back part of the spinal canal is called the lamina. The bony tip extending from the lamina (the part you can feel when you touch your back) is called a spinous process.

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