Where is Laser Spine Institute?

What happened to Laser Spine Institute?

Fourteen years after opening, Tampa-based Laser Spine Institute shuttered in March 2019 following a series of financial blows and lawsuits that led to its eventual demise. But before its downfall, the company had achieved significant success. … In 2016, it opened a $56 million 176,000-square-foot headquarters in Tampa.

Is the Laser Spine Institute still in business?

Tampa-based Laser Spine Institute announced Friday that it will discontinue its operations, effective immediately. According to a statement issued to ABC Action News, a lack of financing is to blame. TAMPA, Fla.

Why did the Laser Spine Institute close?

TAMPA — The Laser Spine Institute may have closed its doors suddenly in March, but repercussions from the surgery center’s business practices continue to reverberate in the courts.

Is Laser Spine Institute covered by insurance?

Laser spine surgery is not approved by the FDA and is not covered by any insurance. It certainly will not be covered in the future under Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) or any other private insurance.

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Can laser surgery fix a herniated disc?

Laser surgery.

Surgeons use lasers to remove portions of soft tissue that can compress nerves, such as ligament enlargement or herniated discs. However, lasers are only appropriate for certain conditions. They can help surgeons remove either tumors from the spinal cord or bone and soft tissue from around a nerve.

How much does laser back surgery cost?

In many cases, laser spine surgery cost upwards of $30,000. This is at least twice the amount of money that most insurance companies will pay for spine procedures that do not involve a laser. Laser Spine Surgery Could Damage Nerves.

Is laser spine surgery FDA approved?

Despite more than 25 years since the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of lasers in percutaneous disc decompression7,8, there is a general consensus in the literature that high-quality evidence informing their use is lacking.

Can spinal stenosis be treated with laser surgery?

Using laser surgery with spinal stenosis is often a good choice, depending on the condition. During laser spine surgery, a camera is used to view the spine and a laser probe is used to dissolve the tissue causing the stenosis, relieving symptoms.

Is the Laser Spine Institute legitimate?

In fact, Laser Spine Institute has earned a less than stellar reputation as its rate of malpractice claims per 1000 surgeries is several times the rate of all U.S. outpatient surgery center’s. … Individual Surgeons at Laser Spine Institute perform as many as 5000 surgeries a year.

What is the Bonati Procedure?

The Bonati Spine Procedures utilize patented instruments and methods that were developed by orthopaedic surgeon and Bonati Spine Institute founder Alfred O. Bonati. The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed incrementally, one vertebral level at a time, to address the main causes of pain first.

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How much does spinal surgery cost?

Most previous economic analyses of spinal surgery have focused on charges—the amount billed by providers to payers. Average national costs were about $14,000 for a single-level ACDF procedure and $26,000 for a single-level PLF.

How much does back surgery cost without insurance?

For patients not covered by health insurance, a spinal fusion, typically used to treat conditions such as a slipped vertebrae or other spinal instability, typically costs between $80,000 to $150,000 and sometimes even higher!

How much does minimally invasive spine surgery cost?

A 2011 study published in SAS Journal showed the cost of a minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion was $14,183.00 on average while the cost of open surgery was $18,633.00. The cheaper costs are due to the fact that a minimally invasive procedure does not have to be performed in a hospital setting.