Question: How many ligamentous bands are found in the spine?

How many spinal cord segments are there?

Spine, anterior view. The spinal cord is composed of the following 31 segments: 8 cervical (C) segments. 12 thoracic (T) segments.

How many synovial joints are in the spine?

There are two facet joints in each spinal motion segment. The facet joints are situated between the pedicle and lamina of the same vertebra and form the articular pillars that act to provide structural stability to the vertebral column as a whole.

What are the four ligaments in the spine at the level of the thoracic region?

Thoracic Ligaments

  • The Intrasegmental System holds individual vertebrae together and includes the ligamentum flavum, interspinous, and the intertransverse ligaments.
  • The Intersegmental System holds a group of vertebrae together.

What does a torn ligament feel like in your neck?

A torn neck muscle may feel like a sharp, stabbing pain in the neck area. You may have a limited range of motion or feel a dull, achy pain in the neck area. Other common symptoms of a torn neck muscle include localized swelling, soreness, “knots”, stiffness, or weakness.

What aggravates facet joint pain?

Pain is often aggravated by leaning back (extension) and/or twisting (rotation) of the neck or back, and can be relieved by bending forward (flexion). Cervical facet pain can cause pain when turning the head while driving or difficulty at night relaxing the neck when lying down.

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Are synovial joints freely movable?

Diarthroses (freely movable).

Also known as synovial joints, these joints have synovial fluid enabling all parts of the joint to smoothly move against each other. These are the most prevalent joints in your body.