Best answer: What are the advantages of leaves modified into spines in cactus plant Brainly?

What are advantages of leaves modified into spines in cactus plant?

Leaves of cactus plants are modified into spines to reduce loss of water through transpiration.

What are the advantages of leaves?

These leaf particles add valuable nutrients right back into the soil, resulting in a stronger, healthier lawn. Insulation. A thin layer of mulched leaves can help protect your lawn from harsh winter conditions, ensuring a healthy lawn next spring.

Why leaves are modified as spines?

Spines are also modified leaves. In cacti, spines are wholly transformed leaves that protect the plant from herbivores, radiate heat from the stem during the day, and collect and drip condensed water vapour during the cooler night.

Are modified into spines in?

In pea, the leaves are modified into tendrils to help them in climbing around support, in onion leaves are modified to fleshy succulent to store food. Leaves are modified into spines in Opuntia (xerophytes) so as to reduce the surface area and minimize rate of water loss by evaporation and transpiration.

What is a function of modified leaves?

Whole leaves or parts of leaves are often modified for special functions, such as for climbing and substrate attachment, storage, protection against predation or climatic conditions, or trapping and digesting insect prey.

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What are 2 Functions of leaves?

The two main functions performed by the leaf are photosynthesis and transpiration. Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants make their food from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight.

What are the advantages of leaves modified into?

Answer: Most species of cacti have lost true leaves, retaining only spines, which are highly modified leaves. As well as defending against herbivores, spines help prevent water loss by reducing air flow close to the cactus and providing some shade. In the absence of leaves, enlarged stems carry out photosynthesis.

What is the advantage of small leaves?

The leaves fit the pattern: The biologists found that smaller leaves indeed had more tightly packed major veins and were more resistant to the effects of embolism in the major veins. The were better able to maintain water transport, even during extreme drying, Sack said.

What is the function of leaf spines?

In certain plants entire or the parts of the leaves are modified into sharp and pointed structure called as leaf spines. They are exogenous in origin. It can act as defensive structure since it can protect the plants against grazing animals. It also reduces transpiration.