Your question: How long does a spinal disc replacement last?

Do artificial discs wear out?

Over time, artificial discs may wear from the continued motion of the cervical spine. Wearing may result in the formation of wear debris—metallic or polyethylene particles that are generated over and dissipated into the body.

How successful is disc replacement?

Success rates with fusions performed for degenerative disc disease range in the literature between 65 and 93%. It has become the standard of care for discogenic pain and is often very effective in relieving pain.

How long does Mobi C last?

Zimmer Biomet, the manufacturer of Mobi-C® Artificial Disc says: Every Mobi-C tested in the lab completed 10 million movement cycles, all demonstrating low wear rates.

How long do titanium discs last?

Simulated wear suggests artificial discs could last a minimum of 40 years and perhaps between 50 to 100 years1, though most people are unlikely to get a century out of these medical devices.

Who is not a candidate for disc replacement?

Advanced degenerative changes known as spondylosis affecting the facet joints in the back of the spine at the affected level also precludes the use of a disc replacement device. A disc replacement device should also not be used in the presence of significant osteoporosis or an active infection.

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When a disc is removed what is it replaced with?

The goal of spinal fusion is to reduce lower back pain by eliminating painful movement between two vertebrae. Lumbar artificial disc replacement. In this procedure, the symptomatic lumbar disc is removed and then replaced with an artificial disc designed to maintain the natural movement in the spine.

Can you have an MRI after artificial disc replacement?

Background. Most lumbar artificial discs are still composed of stainless steel alloys, which prevents adequate postoperative diagnostic imaging of the operated region when using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What is the success rate of lumbar disc replacement surgery?

The authors reported a clinical success rate as defined by the FDA (≥ 15-point improvement in ODI, freedom from device failure or serious device-related adverse events, maintenance/improvement in neurological status) of 87.5% and a return to work rate of 75.9%. No device failure or major complications were noted.

How much is Mobi-C surgery?

At present, insurance in the US will often cover this surgery, but not always, so you may want to check with your insurance carrier. If you need to pay for it yourself, the surgery will typically cost about $35,000.

Can you get MRI with Mobi-C?

Yes, under certain conditions a patient with a Mobi-C can be safely scanned in an MRI system. For more information on the scan conditions, please refer your health care professional to the MRI safety information in the Mobi-C Instructions for Use.

Is Mobi-C surgery safe?

Risks specific to cervical artificial discs including the Mobi-C: Less neck movement than before surgery due to: – Stiff ligaments (spinal ligament ossification). – An overgrowth of bone (heterotopic calcification) at the surgery level. – Vertebrae fusing together.

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