Which is a modification into the spine in a cactus plant?

What is modified into spines in cactus?

The leaf parts become modified into spines in order to protect the plants from grazing animals and excessive transpiration.

Are the leaves of cactus plants modified into spines?

Its leaves are modified to extremely small-sized spines to minimize the surface area from which water can be lost. Its stem takes up the role of photosynthesis thus allowing it to survive in deserts. Hence, the Cactus is the correct answer here.

What are advantages of leaves modified into spines in cactus plant?

Leaves of cactus plants are modified into spines to reduce loss of water through transpiration.

Are modified into spines in?

In pea, the leaves are modified into tendrils to help them in climbing around support, in onion leaves are modified to fleshy succulent to store food. Leaves are modified into spines in Opuntia (xerophytes) so as to reduce the surface area and minimize rate of water loss by evaporation and transpiration.

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What is the purpose of a modified cactus?

The leaves of cactus plant are modified into spine because it helps them to lose less water during transpiration and also protect from beings eaten by animal.

Why are leaves modified into spines in prickly pear?

Leaves of certain plants become wholly or partially modified for defensive purpose into sharp, pointed structures known as spines. Thus, in prickly pear the minute leaves of the axillary bud are modified into spines. … Their function is to protect the axillary bud that they bear in their axil.

How are the leaves modified in cactus?

Spines are also modified leaves. In cacti, spines are wholly transformed leaves that protect the plant from herbivores, radiate heat from the stem during the day, and collect and drip condensed water vapour during the cooler night.

What is the importance of spine like leaves in desert plants?

The role of spines in the desert plants is to save the moisture from evaporation. Cacti have leaves that have evolved into spines, which help minimize water loss by evaporation and screen the plant from the sun. Their thorny spines also help protect them from predators.

Which part of plant body gets modified into spines in cactus for defense?

Complete answer:

The stem is modified into a leaf-like structure and leaves are modified into spines in cactus.

What are the advantages of leaves?

These leaf particles add valuable nutrients right back into the soil, resulting in a stronger, healthier lawn. Insulation. A thin layer of mulched leaves can help protect your lawn from harsh winter conditions, ensuring a healthy lawn next spring.

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How are leaves modified to suit a purpose?

Leaves can be modified in the form of spines that reduce water loss and also act as a defence. Some are modified into tendrils to provide support to the plant. Some leaves are thick that help in water storage. Some are modified to catch and digest insects.

Is aloe vera a modified leaf?

Aloe vera leaf modification allows the plant to store water and thrive in dry climates. The leaves of the aloe vera plant are thick. … The outer layer of the leaves is thick and waxy to prevent water from evaporating. Additionally, aloe vera leaves can use an adapted photosynthesis pathway to generate energy.

Why are leaves modified into spines?

Leaf spines to provide protection and reduce the loss of water: In certain plants, leaves or parts of leaves get modified into pointed structures called spines. Spines help to reduce the loss of water by transpiration. They also protect the plant from grazing animals.