Question: Where do you separate the ham from the loin?

Where should the loin and ham be separated?

Using your saw, separate the two primals at a point 1 inch toward the leg from the bottom edge of the blade bone. Your saw blade should rest slightly below the vertebrae of the backbone. Next, locate the aitch bone, which is a teardrop shaped bone at the ham.

Where is the loin separated from the rack?

The rack and loin are separated between the last (13th) and 12th ribs, with the section closest to the leg being the loin and the other the wholesale rack, with both primal cuts being fabricated into chops, respectively (Figure 4).

Where is the cutting point to separate the leg of pork from the loin of pork?

The breast and shank are further separated by a cut that goes from just above the joint of the arm bone perpendicular to the ribs. The shank is then separated by following the natural separation of the arm bone. The leg is separated from the whole loin and flank by a straight cut that passes in front of the pin bone.

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Which would be a cut from the loin?

The area below the backbone is home to some of the most tender and popular cuts of beef, such as the Tenderloin, Strip Steak, T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks. Loin cuts are great prepared on the grill or under a broiler.

What are the 4 primal pork cuts?

The side of pork is broken down into sub-primals from the four primals: pork shoulder, pork leg, pork loin, and pork belly as shown in Figure 24 and Table 30.

What are two primal pieces from a pig coming from the hind end and belly?

There are the 4 main primal cuts of pork that make up the wholesale pork market and from which retail cuts of meat are produced. These are the shoulder, the loin, the leg, and the side or belly of the pig. From these primal cuts, more of the popular retails cuts originate.

What are the four retail cuts of a lamb carcass?

There are five basic major (primal) cuts into which lamb is separated: shoulder, rack, shank/breast, loin, and leg. It is recommended that packages of fresh lamb purchased in the supermarket be labeled with the primal cut as well as the product, such as shoulder roast or loin chop.

Which primal cut of pork yields the highest quality of meat?

Baby backs are the ribs from the loin area. And are considered the best quality.