You asked: What makes dense regular CT well suited for its role in tendons and ligaments quizlet?

Which type of tissue is characteristic of ligaments and tendons quizlet?

Dense Connective Tissue is sometimes called collagenous tissue because collagen is the dominant fiber type. It makes up ligaments, tendons, dermis, and surrounds some organs and the walls of large arteries.

Where is dense regular connective tissue found in the body Select all that apply?

Dense Regular Connective Tissue

In this type of tissue, the collagen fibres are densely packed, and arranged in parallel. This type of tissue is found in ligaments (which link bone to bone at joints) and tendons (connections between bones or cartilage and muscle).

Are structures made of dense regular connective tissue that function to anchor bone to bone?

Ligaments and tendons are made of dense regular connective tissue. In dense irregular connective tissue, the direction of fibers is random. This arrangement gives the tissue greater strength in all directions and less strength in one particular direction.

What characteristic distinguishes a loose CT from a dense CT?

Dense connective tissue is reinforced by bundles of fibers that provide tensile strength, elasticity, and protection. In loose connective tissue, the fibers are loosely organized, leaving large spaces in between.

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Why are tendons and ligament tissues difficult to heal quizlet?

Tendons attach muscles to bones. Tendons generally have a more limited blood supply than muscles. This makes them somewhat slower healing structures in comparison to muscle.

What tissue forms the tendons and ligaments?

Dense connective tissue is what makes up tendons and ligaments and consist of a higher density of collagen fibers. Examples of specialized connective tissues are adipose tissue, cartilage, bone, blood, and lymph.

What are the 3 types of dense connective tissue?

Dense connective tissue is divided into 1) dense regular, 2) dense irregular, 3) elastic.

Which one is not connective tissue?

Muscular tissue consists of muscle fibres, it is not a connective tissue.

What is the main function of dense connective tissue?

The main roles of dense CT are to transmit forces over a distance and to connect different organs/muscles. Collagen fibres are disposed along the direction of mechanical loads present in that specific tissue.