Why is Laser Spine Institute closed?

Why is Laser Spine Institute closing?

Tampa-based Laser Spine Institute announced Friday that it will discontinue its operations, effective immediately. According to a statement issued to ABC Action News, a lack of financing is to blame. … The Tampa location has been open since March of 2005. More than 500 employees in Tampa Bay are now without a job.

Did Laser Spine Institute go out of business?

On March 1, 2019, the Laser Spine Institute announced its closure, shutting down their Cincinnati, St. Louis, Scottsdale, and Tampa Bay locations.

Is the Laser Spine Institute legitimate?

In fact, Laser Spine Institute has earned a less than stellar reputation as its rate of malpractice claims per 1000 surgeries is several times the rate of all U.S. outpatient surgery center’s. … Individual Surgeons at Laser Spine Institute perform as many as 5000 surgeries a year.

What is the average cost of laser spine surgery?

However, because of the technology it requires, laser spine surgery can result in higher starting costs, and typically costs $30,000-$90,000 or more. What’s more, unlike traditional spine surgery, which is typically covered by health insurance, patients must often pay most of the cost themselves.

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Can laser surgery fix a herniated disc?

Laser surgery.

Surgeons use lasers to remove portions of soft tissue that can compress nerves, such as ligament enlargement or herniated discs. However, lasers are only appropriate for certain conditions. They can help surgeons remove either tumors from the spinal cord or bone and soft tissue from around a nerve.

What is the Bonati Procedure?

The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed under local anesthesia and conscious IV sedation. Therefore, the patients remain awake, aware and alert during the procedure, which allows for direct communication with the surgeon as the pain is alleviated. The Bonati Spine Procedures are performed through a small incision.

What is the success rate of laser spine surgery?

The good news, according to Dr. Haines, is that 90 percent of the time — whether it’s disc herniation, nerves or spine pain — issues can get better without surgery. As laser continues to improve and surgeons become more adept, laser surgery will become more of a mainstay, predicts Dr.

Is laser spine surgery better than traditional?

Doctors who support laser spinal surgery maintain it is more efficient, effective and gentle than traditional methods. The truth is, minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) can be performed as effectively, and probably more effectively, without a laser.

Is walking good for a herniated disc?

Walking is an excellent choice for patients with herniated discs, as it stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the cells. It also helps keep your discs hydrated, which is important for healing. Other low-impact aerobic activities to try are swimming and cycling.

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Is laser spine surgery FDA approved?

Despite more than 25 years since the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of lasers in percutaneous disc decompression7,8, there is a general consensus in the literature that high-quality evidence informing their use is lacking.