Question: How do you diagnose cervical spine injury?


How are cervical spine injuries diagnosed?

The diagnosis is made with plain x-ray films or CT. Management: After these fractures are detected, plain x-ray films often are followed with a CT scan to determine the extent of fracture involvement, because an unstable burst fracture may be present.

What is the first thing you should do if you suspect a cervical spine injury?

If you suspect someone has a spinal injury:

Call 911 or emergency medical help. Keep the person still. Place heavy towels or rolled sheets on both sides of the neck or hold the head and neck to prevent movement. Avoid moving the head or neck.

What is the best approach to know cervical spine injury?

Prompt imaging with cervical spine CT is preferred. In children, or if CT is unavailable, adequate five-view plain X-ray is recommended. Whenever possible, imaging should be reported by a radiologist.

How do you treat a cervical spine injury?

Conservative treatment includes time, medication, brief bed rest, reduction of strenuous physical activity and physical therapy. A doctor may prescribe medications to reduce the pain or inflammation and muscle relaxants to allow time for healing to occur.

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How do you manage cervical spine injury?

Treatment options. Possible therapeutic options include early functional conservative management with external immobilization using a cervical collar with different degrees of rigidity, Halo vest immobilization as well as anterior and/or posterior stabilization with decompression if indicated.

When should you suspect spinal injury?

A spinal injury should be suspected if the patient has: pain at or below site of injury. loss of sensation, or abnormal sensation such as tingling in hands or feet. loss of movement or impaired movement below site of injury.

When should you suspect C spine injury?

Presence of 4 clinical indicators warrants advanced medical care: Unconsciousness (or altered consciousness) Bilateral neurologic complaints/findings. Significant cervical spine pain (with or without palpation)

How do you rule out a spinal injury?

In the emergency room, a doctor may be able to rule out a spinal cord injury by examination, testing for sensory function and movement, and by asking some questions about the accident.

What vertebral body is most commonly injured in cervical spine fractures?

Most cervical spine fractures occur predominantly at 2 levels: one third of injuries occur at the level of C2, and one half of injuries occur at the level of C6 or C7. Most fatal cervical spine injuries occur in upper cervical levels, either at craniocervical junction C1 or C2.