Does the spinal cord pass through the intervertebral foramen?

What passes through the intervertebral foramen?

The foramen allows for the passage of the spinal nerve root, dorsal root ganglion, the spinal artery of the segmental artery, communicating veins between the internal and external plexuses, recurrent meningeal (sinu-vertebral) nerves, and transforaminal ligaments.

Does the spinal cord pass through the intervertebral foramina?

The intervertebral foramen

The intervertebral foramina which transmit the spinal nerves and the accompanying radicular arteries (which supply the spinal cord) are on the lateral aspect of the vertebral column.

What spinal nerve passes through this intervertebral foramen?

… through an opening called the intervertebral foramen. The first spinal nerve (C1) exits the vertebral canal between the skull and the first cervical vertebra; consequently, spinal nerves C1–C7 exit above the correspondingly numbered vertebrae.

Which foramen spinal cord passes?

The vertebral foramen begins at cervical vertebra #1 (C1 or atlas) and continues inferior to lumbar vertebra #5 (L5). The vertebral foramen houses the spinal cord and its meninges.

Vertebral foramen
A cervical vertebra. (Vertebral foramen is the large hole at the center.)
Latin foramen vertebrale
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What is the intervertebral foramen formed by?

The body of each vertebra is attached to a bony ring. When the vertebrae are stacked one on top of the other, this ring creates a hollow tube through which the spinal cord passes. The intervertebral foramen is the opening between every two vertebrae where the nerve roots exit the spine.

How many spinal cords are in the human body?


Species Cervical Total
Cow 8 37
Horse 8 42
Pig 8 38
Human 8 31

How many pairs of spinal nerves do humans have?

In total, there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves, grouped regionally by spinal region. More specifically, there are eight cervical nerve pairs (C1-C8), twelve thoracic nerve pairs (T1-T12), five lumbar nerve pairs (L1-L5), and a single coccygeal nerve pair.

Where is lateral horn of spinal cord?

The lateral horn of the spinal cord is the small lateral projection of grey matter located between the dorsal horn and ventral horn and contain the neuronal cell bodies of the sympathetic nervous system.

Which spinal nerve passes through the intervertebral foramen between C3 and C4?

The transverse cervical nerve, of C2 and C3, projects posteriorly and wraps around anteriorly to supply the skin of the anterior cervical region. The supraclavicular nerve, of C3 and C4, descends from the posterior sternocleidomastoid and provides sensory information from the skin over the clavicle and shoulder. [1][7]

What is Foraminal stenosis of the spine?

Foraminal narrowing is a specific type of spinal stenosis, a back condition that occurs when the open spaces within the spine narrow. The foramina are bony passageways located between the vertebrae in the spine.

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