Best answer: Does your head go in for a lumbar spine MRI?

Do you go in head first for a lumbar MRI?

For a cervical spine (neck), you will enter the MRI scanner head-first. For a lumbar spine, you will enter the scanner feet-first, and depending upon how tall you are, your head may be out of or near the entrance of the magnet.

What position are you in for a lumbar MRI?

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT DURING MY EXAM? The MRI of the spine requires you to lie down on the scanning table.

Do you always go head first in MRI?

For most procedures, the patient goes into the MRI machine head-first, and the lower part of the body remains completely outside the machine. If you are having an MRI of your foot, knee or leg, you will go into the machine feet first, and your head and upper body will remain outside the machine.

Can MRI results be seen immediately?

This means it’s unlikely you’ll get the results of your scan immediately. The radiologist will send a report to the doctor who arranged the scan, who will discuss the results with you. It usually takes a week or two for the results of an MRI scan to come through, unless they’re needed urgently.

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Does the sciatic nerve show up on an MRI?

Imaging studies are usually needed to diagnose the cause of sciatic nerve pain. An MRI of the lumbar spine will show many causes of low back pain and sciatica, including disc herniations, facet arthritis, and lumbar spinal stenosis. Digital x-rays and CT scans may also be used to diagnose the cause of sciatica.

What does a whole spine MRI show?

A whole spine screening will show how severely damaged spine structures and soft tissues are. Tumours and cysts. Patients diagnosed with cancer typically require a whole spine MRI to examine how much cancer cells have spread and how severely the spine has been affected.

How much does a lumbar spine MRI cost?

Average Pricing, Select MRI Procedures

CPT/HCPCS CODE Procedure Description Average (Estimated) Total
72149 MRI Lumbar Spine w/ Cont $1,692
72158 MRI Lumbar Spine w/o & w/ Cont $2,065
72148 MRI Lumbar Spine w/o Cont $1,328
72142 MRI Spine Cervical w/ Cont $3,919

Can you drive after an MRI with contrast?

Most patients do not require sedation and therefore are able to drive immediately after the exam. If you need a sedative to help you relax for the exam, please arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home.